That Music Podcast: A Podcast for Elementary Music Teachers

That Music Podcast: A Podcast for Elementary Music Teachers

Hosted by: Bryson Tarbet, M.M.Ed.

This show will deliver tips and tricks for elementary music teachers looking to create high-quality musical experiences for students in the general music classroom. This show will provide answers to questions...


74 | Free PD You Actually *Want* to Attend

Season #3

You are not going to want to miss this free online summit made specifically for elementary music teachers. Grab your free ticket -> Musically Minted -> My...
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73 | What is Universal Design for Learning?

Season #3 Episode #73

A few years back, Lauren Marcinkowski introduced me to the concept of Universal Design for Learning and I was HOOKED. Since then, I’ve done a decent amount of research into UDL as part of my graduate research for my...
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72 | Sowing the Seeds as a Student Teacher

Season #3 Episode #72

Student teaching is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. On top of teaching full-time and being a full-time student, you are also likely trying to line up your first teaching job for the next year! In...
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71 | Defiant Students: How Do I Win?

Season #3 Episode #71

Some students are naturally a bit stand-off to music. Some can be outright defiant at times. But all students deserve a high-quality music education. In this week’s episode of That Music Podcast, I dive into how to...
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70 | Kodaly Levels: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Season #3 Episode #70

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my career has been starting my Kodály levels after my first year of teaching. I knew that I eventually wanted to do my levels training, but I didn’t quite realize how important...
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69 | PreK Music: Where Do I Start?

Season #3 Episode #69

My first day in a PreK classroom I felt completely out of my element. But I quickly realized preschool was one of my favorite ages to teach! This week’s episode of That Music Podcast is for those of you who felt like...
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68 | Intersections Between Private Lessons & General Music

Season #3 Episode #68

Music happens in so many ways both inside and outside of our music classrooms. This week’s episode of That Music Podcast is all about the intersections between the music education that happens in our classrooms and...
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67 | Student Teacher Self-Care

Season #3 Episode #67

Student teaching is an incredible time where you can start to truly find yourself as a teacher. But unfortunately it’s also one of the most difficult things a pre-service teacher can do. This week’s episode of That...
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66 | Curriculum Mapping in Music Classroom

Season #3 Episode #66

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re reinventing the wheel every time you sit down to lesson plan, this episode is for YOU! In this week’s episode of That Music Podcast I talk about curriculum mapping and how...
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65 | Kindergarten Curriculum Night: How I Did That

Season #3 Episode #65

This year I was able to put on a Kindergarten performance for the first time in my career. I decided to turn it into an informance & curriculum night to show parents and grownups what actually goes on in the music...
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64 | Elementary Choir with Emma Bassett

Season #3 Episode #64

This week’s episode is all about choir at the elementary level. You are not going to want to miss this fantastic interview with Emma Bassett. Emma Bassett was born and raised in Wisconsin, but got to Texas as fast as...
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63 | What They DON'T Tell You About Student Teaching

Season #3 Episode #63

There is so much that we don't learn about student teaching until we are in the thick of it. Now that I'm a few years out of student teaching, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I wish I would've known about...
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