Hi! I'm Bryson!

I never thought I’d want to teach elementary music. Like so many of us, I always thought I was going to be the next great high school choir director. Through my undergraduate courses and field placements, I soon realized that the elementary level was my zone of genius.

My classes in undergrad prepared me to be a fantastic secondary music teacher, but unfortunately, I found that most of what I’ve learned about the elementary level came from a trial l by fire. I spent HOURS each week during my first couple of years out of college trying to take in as much professional development to fill in the gaps so I could be the best elementary music teacher that I could be.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon story. I’ve talked to so many music educators that felt like they spent four years in undergrad to learn how to teach secondary music and then had to figure everything else out once they got into the elementary music classroom. Once I realized my situation was anything but unique, I decided to share what I’ve learned the hard way to help early-career music educators feel confident and empowered in the elementary music classroom.

I’ve spent the past few years sharing what I’ve learned during my first few years of teaching elementary music so that other teachers don’t have to struggle before they thrive. I firmly believe that your first few years of teaching don’t have to be an uphill battle.

Meet the Team

Rachel Ammons joined the That Music Teacher team in 2020 as a Blog Contributor.

She currently teaches 2-12 general music and beginning band/choir in New Albany, Ohio.

In her free time, Rachel enjoys crocheting, playing video games, and spending time with her husband, Jim, and their new baby boy.

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Lauren Marcinkowski joined the That Music Teacher team in late 2020 as a blog contributor.

She currently teaches in Bucks County, PA as a Middle School Music Teacher and Choir Director. She also holds a special education certification in K-8 and has been a case manager and intervention specialist in previous jobs.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys exercising, reading, spending time with her husband, son, and family, spending moderate amounts of money on skincare, striving to be low-waste, and being anywhere warm and sunny (when she can).

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Katherine Miller joined the That Music Teacher team in 2020 as a blog contributor.

She currently teaches kindergarten-fifth grade general music in Waukesha, WI.

In her free time, Katherine enjoys reading a good book, traveling, and adventuring with her chocolate lab.

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Dakota Trasser joined the That Music Teacher team in 2019 as a Graphic Designer.

He currently teaches students, PreK-12, with visual impairments and multiple disabilities throughout central and southwestern Ohio.

In his free time, Dakota enjoys spending time with his family and friends, cooking and baking, and traveling!

Bri Culliton joined the That Music Teacher team in 2019 as our Pinterest Manager. She has since taken over the role of Online Business Manager.”

Bri has been a Social Media Manager for 3 years while she finishes her B.S. in Wellness Management at Oswego State University in New York.

In her free time, Bri enjoys taking care of her 160+ houseplants, hiking, helping others, and spending time with her friends, family, and 2 cats.

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