143 | Rhythmic Building Bricks with David Row

Season #5

In this episode of That Music Podcast, join us for an in-depth discussion on the foundational concepts of Orff Schulwerk methodology, focusing specifically on rhythmic building blocks. Our guest, David, a seasoned music educator deeply rooted in the Orff approach, shares insights into how rhythmic building blocks can transform music education experiences for students of all ages. From engaging activities to literacy connections, David delves into practical strategies for integrating rhythmic building blocks into the music classroom. Discover how these fundamental elements not only enhance rhythm comprehension but also foster creativity and improvisation skills. David also highlights the versatility of rhythmic building blocks, demonstrating how they can be adapted for different age groups and subject matter.

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Episode Chapters:  

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:19 David’s Background
  • 5:50 The Orff Approach
  • 12:38 Rhythmic Building Blocks
  • 17:49 How To Start
  • 25:56 Common Struggles
  • 33:19 Additional Resources
  • 37:18 Takeaways

Links and Resources: 

More About David Row

David Row loves teaching music to kids! A Nebraska native and
Midwesterner at heart, David now lives and teaches in the Kansas City metro
area for the DeSoto Unified School District. He holds a Master’s Degree in
Music Education from the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory,
completed three levels and a master course in Orff Schulwerk training, and
has extensive experience with critical thinking in the arts. David is an active
clinician and has presented workshops at national, state, and local
conventions across the United States and Canada. He is an AOSA-approved
Orff Schulwerk teacher educator and teaches Level 1 Pedagogy at the OCPS
& Central Florida Orff Chapter Summer Course in Orlando. On his blog,
MakeMomentsMatter.org, David shares ideas about classroom content,
management, lesson plans, critical thinking, and more. Search for “Make
Moments Matter: A Music Education Podcast!” wherever you download
podcasts or catch up with David every week on his “Musical Mondays” LIVE
videos on Facebook.