140 | Is Music Literacy Important?

Season #5

Have you ever stopped to ponder the true essence of music education? Join Bryson in this episode of That Music Podcast as he navigates the complexities of the importance of music literacy, sharing personal insights and reflections on the role of literacy skills in fostering a love for music among students. From challenging traditional approaches to advocating for joyful music-making experiences, Bryson invites listeners to reconsider the conventional norms of music education. Tune in for an engaging discussion that will encourage you to reflect on your teaching practices and embrace new perspectives.

Episode Chapters:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:32 Music Literacy & Creativity
  • 6:31 The Real Question 
  • 9:00 In A Choral Setting 
  • 11:20 Takeaways

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