114 | Favorite Songs for Pre-K

Season #5

Welcome back to That Music Podcast with Bryson Tarbet! In this episode, we're delving into Bryson's favorite engaging preschool tunes like "Grizzly Bear" and "Down by the Bay." Bryson also shares his expert insights on effectively using these songs to captivate young learners and boost engagement in your classes. Discover valuable teaching tips and learn how these melodies can transform your teaching experience, fostering creativity and nurturing young minds. Tune in now to explore Bryson's favorite preschool songs and gain inspiration for your classroom!

Episode Chapters:

  • 1:17 Songs I Use for Preschool Music
  • 3:12 Song 2
  • 5:25 Song 3
  • 7:11 Song 4
  • 9:46 Songs 5, 6 & 7
  • 12:44 Takeaways

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