108 | Bridging Faith and Creativity: A Conversation with a Catholic School Music Educator

Season #4

In this fun and engaging episode of That Music Podcast, host Bryson Tarbet welcomes special guest Sarah Oliver, a music teacher in a Catholic school setting. They explore the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching music in a faith-based environment. Sarah shares her personal journey of how she found her calling as a music teacher and discovered her faith along the way. They discuss the role of prayer and religious integration in music lessons, the importance of cultural diversity in the classroom, and how Sarah incorporates different cultures into her teaching. It's an enlightening conversation that highlights the transformative power of music education in a Catholic school context.


Episode Chapters:

  • 3:57 Faith & Music Education

  • 7:50 Challenges
  • 11:57 Opportunities
  • 14:13 Student Impact
  • 15:53 Takeaways

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