107 | End-Of-Year Teacher Tips

Season #4

This week on That Music Podcast, Bryson is sharing some tips to help you keep your students engaged during those crazy last weeks of the school year. We all know how things can get a little out of hand as the weather warms up, but don't worry, Bryson's got your back! He's here to remind you to take some time to reflect on your year, both personally and professionally, and set goals for the future. Plus, Bryson has some awesome ideas for wrapping up the curriculum and prepping your students for the next grade. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on these tips! Tune in now to make the most of the end of the year with your students.

Episode Chapters:

  • 1:27 Tip 1

  • 2:37 Tip 2

  • 3:19 Tip 3
  • 4:39 Tip 4
  • 5:51 Tip 5
  • 8:20 Bonus Tip
  • 10:10 Final Thoughts

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