105 | Ending the Year with Joy with Melissa Stouffer

Season #4

Get ready to rock and roll with Bryson and guest Melissa Stouffer in this episode, as they share their tips and tricks for music teachers to end the year on a high note and keep the joy of music alive in the classroom. From conceptual learning and strategies to keep students engaged, to valuable strategies and tools to make assessments a breeze, Bryson and Melissa cover it all.

Plus, get a sneak peek into the upcoming masterclass where Melissa will take a deeper dive into the topics discussed in this episode. This fun and informative episode is a must-listen for all music teachers looking to finish the year strong and keep the music playing!


Episode Chapters:

  • 3:08 Background

  •  4:03 Masterclass

  •  5:33 Conceptual Learning

  •  6:55 Tips & Tricks

  •  11:45 Sneak Peek

  •  13:10 Assessment

  •  15:23 Strategies & Tools 

  •  21:17 Keep The Joy

  •  23:11 Tips For Right Now 

  •  25:30 Takeaways

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