99 | Increasing Engagement for Middle School with Jessica Grant

Season #4

In this episode, we welcome special guest Jessica Grant to share her expertise on increasing engagement for middle school students. We'll explore practical tips and strategies for making music class more fun and interactive, while also promoting learning and growth.

Jessica Grant is a middle school general music educator in Dallas, Texas.  Each week you can tune into the How to Teach Music with Jessica Grant podcast as she shares practical ideas for engaging students, lesson content, and teaching strategies.  Jessica loves helping music educators find their voice, grow their confidence and find teaching strategies that work for them.  Jessica earned her BME at Lee University and her MME at SMU.  She is certified in both Kodály and Orff approaches.  When she's not teaching, she loves to spend time with her family, read fiction, bake desserts, and work out with the Peloton app.  Head to her website at www.jessicagrant.org for all things music education!


Episode Chapters:

  • 2:40 Introduction
  • 4:06 Orff-Schulwerk
  • 9:10 Application
  • 13:03 How To Start
  • 15:55 Jessica’s Classroom
  • 23:05 Lesson Ideas
  • 35:13 Actionable Steps


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