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Top 5 New Years Resolutions Perfect for Elementary Music Teachers

Top 5 New Years Resolutions for the Elementary Music Teacher

first year music teacher journey music teachers Jan 05, 2021

      Another year has come and gone! At the time of writing this, 2020 is winding down and (finally) coming to an end. No matter how hard this year was for all of us, teachers were able to make changes to keep our students engaged. Going into the new year, here are some ideas of resolutions to help us continue to grow as music educators!

 1. Do something musical every day

      This is one that I have to work on, for sure. On the weekends, I can typically be found working on other hobbies, like crocheting or playing video games with my husband. I realized recently that I haven’t been musical for my own enjoyment in a long time, which made me really sad!

      This year, I want to try to do at least one musical thing every day. It could be practicing piano, continuing to teach myself ukulele, making up songs to sing to my family, or anything else. Being musical at home will translate to being a better music teacher for my kids!

2. Professional development goals

      If you’re anything like me, you likely have a lot of training, reading, or some other type of professional development you want to catch up on. For example, I want to get my Level 1 Kodaly certification and read through a handful of articles that I found about music education and students with dyslexia.

      Whatever professional development means to you, make time for it! The new year is a perfect time to sit back and evaluate what you want to prioritize in your own learning. 

3. Prioritize self care

      Self care means something different to everyone. For some people, it’s the classic image of a bubble bath with candles and your beverage of choice. For others, it’s making time to exercise or cook healthy meals.

      However you decide to define self care, make it a priority in the new year! One of my coworkers often uses the analogy “put on your own oxygen mask first.” Of course, this comes from airlines, and he says it to remind us to prioritize ourselves. If we are burnt out and stretching ourselves thin, how are our students supposed to learn? Prioritizing yourself and your own well-being is also prioritizing your students!

4. Connect with other music teachers

      What better time than now to connect with others in our field? Social media has made connection so much easier for us. I have connected with so many amazing and knowledgeable music educators just through the use of Instagram. Making a conscious effort to connect with other music educators opened my eyes to new perspectives and amazing lesson ideas that I could utilize in my own classroom.

Need a place to start connecting with other music teachers? Join the General Music Mastermind group on Facebook!

5. Try something new

      This resolution idea is vague on purpose. Trying something new could mean a bunch of different things. You could learn a new instrument, or a new language, or read a genre you’ve never read before. It could mean trying a new lesson you’ve always wanted to implement, but have been nervous to try. Being willing to be adventurous and open minded will benefit you in many ways, including in the classroom! “New year, new me,” right? 

      I hope this list has helped give you an idea of some things to focus on in the new year. Do you have any classroom/music related resolutions? Feel free to share yours in the comments! Happy New Year, teacher friends!

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