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Music Therapy with Kate Shannon, MT-BC | That Music Podcast

05 | Music Therapy with Kate Shannon, MT-BC

mental health show notes that music podcast Oct 06, 2019



      Thank you for listening to this episode of That Music Podcast. This week I am so excited to share a conversation I had with Kate Shannon all about music therapy, music education, and the intersections of the two!

      Kate Shannon is a board-certified music therapist working in the Denver, CO area. She is currently finishing up the requirements to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and is excited to become a dual-certified clinician to better support her clients' needs. She is passionate about working with children with developmental differences and special learners. Kate is the host of "Creative Therapy Umbrella: The Podcast" and loves to hike, read, knit, create, play with her dog and cat, and laugh with her husband. 

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