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English Learners in the Music Classroom

62 | English Learners in the Music Classroom with Betha Maust

educational tips elementary music show notes teacher tips that music podcast Dec 15, 2021

So many of us have an increasing population of English Learners in our classrooms.

Especially for those of us, me included, who are not bilingual, this can be an incredibly difficult population of students to serve.

In this week’s episode of That Music Podcast I bring in a wonderful expert, Betha Maust, and ask her to share her knowledge of English Learners, and what that means for us as music educators.

Betha Maust is an English Language teacher located near Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Goshen College in Indiana with a degree in elementary education, and ended up teaching adult ESL classes in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for two years.

After returning home, she got her TESOL endorsement from Capital University. She has taught k-12 EL for 8 Years, and currently teaches k-4.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking, baking,  and traveling as much as possible.

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