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Advocating for Ourselves as Professionals with Sarah Oliver

58 | Advocating for Ourselves as Professionals with Sarah Oliver

music advocacy music teachers show notes teacher appreciation teacher tips that music podcast Nov 17, 2021


Whether we like it or not, we must advocate for ourselves and our programs.

On this week’s episode of That Music Podcast, I share a conversation I had with Sarah OIiver about advocating for ourselves and our students.

Sarah Oliver lives in Xenia, Ohio with her husband Kevin, her three beagles, and two bengal cats. She is a music educator on a mission of sharing her passion and knowledge of music to anyone who will listen.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Southern Illinois University and a Masters of Music Education from Wright State University.

Sarah has been teaching general music for the past 6 years, most recently at Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School in Liberty Township, Ohio.

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