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Music, Memories, and Neuroscience with Jen Rafferty

54 | Music, Memories, and Neuroscience with Jen Rafferty

mental health music advocacy music and science music teachers Oct 20, 2021




Music is so much more than notes and rhythms. Music is something that activates parts of our brains in truly unique ways.

My first course I took in my master’s program was a music psychology course. I was instantly hooked, and loved being able to dive further into how music affects our brains.

For this episode, I brought the amazing Jen Rafferty as a guest to talk more about just how music and neuroscience intersect in a truly unique way.

Presenter and author Jen Rafferty began her career as a middle school music teacher in Central New York. Jen brings her energy, humor, and expertise to all professional development workshops. She is known for her practical ideas and passion in her presentations while inspiring teachers to stay connected to their “why.”

Jen currently serves as the Co-chair of the New York State School Music Association’s (NYSSMA) Secondary Classroom Committee, member of the advocacy committee, and is the President of Cortland County Music Teachers Association.

She earned a B.M. in music education and vocal performance, a M.M. in music education from Ithaca College and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in educational psychology.

Jen is frequently invited to conduct elementary and middle school choirs throughout New York State. Additionally, in 2020 she founded Sing Together, an international virtual singing community of singers of all ages and abilities. Her most recent publication is A Place in the Staff: Finding Your Way as a Music Teacher, available on Amazon and JW Pepper.

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