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Books for the Music Classroom (written by a music teacher)

Books for the Music Classroom (written by a music teacher)

music class resources music teachers picture books Feb 16, 2021


      If you know me at all, you know that I love using books in the music classroom. A while back, I had a music teacher reach out to share a book that she had written with me. Vicky Weber, the author of all of the amazing books in this post, is an amazing music educator as well as a children’s author.

      Her books are perfect for the general music classroom, and I cannot recommend them enough. I thought I would go ahead and share some of her books with you because they are just what you need in the music classroom!

The Song Garden

      This book is great for talking about the creative process with your students. The story follows a girl named Calla who has to create a song garden for a town showcase. Calla struggles to find the confidence to create her own song but then finds her motivation and powers through.

2. Tiger Tempo

      This book is perfect for talking about tempo. This interactive story has your students work together to help the tiger win the race. There’s even a page to turn to if your students go too fast!

3. Rhythm Rescue

      This book is great for having your students practice eighth notes and quarter notes. Similar to Tiger Tempo, this book is interactive and great for keeping students engaged.

4. Lazlo Learns Recorder

      Once again, this book is interactive and great for keeping a class engaged. Beyond that, it’s absolutely perfect for beginning recorder students.

      Lazlo, an adorable Lemur, struggles to play the recorder and gets frustrated. Luckily he doesn’t give up, and with some practice, he is able to play B and A on his recorder! This book is great to have students practice B and A on the recorder while also going over some of the most common struggles on the recorder.

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