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Awesome Apps for Piano Students

Apps for Piano Students

music class resources piano technology Jun 16, 2020

      There are so many apps that can be helpful for piano students in and outside of each lesson. I've tried a lot of different apps in my own experience as both a piano student and teacher, and I've gathered a few of my favorite apps that I recommend to my piano students.

1. Staff Wars ($0.99)

      Staff Wars is a game-based way for students to practice reading notes on the treble and bass staves. This is a fun way for students to work on their music literacy, which will help them when reading music on the piano.

2. Metronome (free)

      This app is a great metronome with many features that can help a piano student practice. Practicing with a metronome is a great way for students to work on playing at a consistent tempo.


3. Staff Wars LIVE ($0.99)

      Staff Wars LIVE has students read notes on the treble or bass staff. In this app, students then play the note on the piano and the microphone in the device recognizes if the note is correct or not.

4. Rhythm Trainer (free)

      Rhythm Trainer is an app that has students practice reading and performing rhythms. The app allows students to be assessed on how accurately they perform the rhythmic pattern.



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