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Rachel Ammon’s Music Teacher Journey | That Music Podcast

38 | Rachel Ammon’s Music Teacher Journey

music teacher journey show notes that music podcast Mar 31, 2021



In this episode I share my conversation with Rachel Ammons on her music teacher journey.


      Rachel Ammons is a music educator in Central Ohio. Currently, she grades 2nd through 12th. She was a substitute teacher for three years after obtaining her Bachelors in Music Education from Ashland University in 2016.

      Before taking a full time teaching position, she was an Assistant Marching Band Director in 2018 and a building substitute in 2019. She now teaches at an independent school for students with learning differences (including ADHD and Dyslexia). When she’s not teaching, Rachel enjoys reading, crocheting, and playing video games with her husband, Jim.

      I absolutely loved being able to chat with Rachel. She shares so many wonderful insights into music education and her journey to become the music teacher she is today.

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