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Adaptive Music Instruction with Stephanie Powell | That Music Podcast

26 | Adaptive Music Instruction with Stephanie Powell

exceptional learners show notes that music podcast Jan 07, 2021



      In this episode I share my conversation with Stephanie Powell about adaptive music education, and how she (accidentally) began teaching adaptive music lessons.

      Stephanie Powell is a wife, mother of 4, special needs teacher and adaptive music instructor. She has lived in Pensacola, FL for 6 years and loves serving in her church, serving the community and spending warm days on the beach.

      She started teaching adaptive music lessons 5 years ago when she noticed many of her school students learned music concepts very quickly but didn’t have anyone outside of school to help them develop music skills.

      This conversation with Stephanie is wonderful, and I loved being able to talk to her as someone who comes from the world of special education.


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