That Music Podcast

That Music Podcast

Hosted by: Bryson Tarbet, M.M.

Each week on That Music Podcast you’ll hear from me, Bryson Tarbet, about what it really means to be a music teacher. Along the way, you’ll hear from friends and colleagues that are able to bring valuable insights...


56 | Vocal Health for Music Teachers with Dr. Jennifer Whitehead

Season #3 Episode #56

Vocal health is important for all teachers, but we as music teachers have an added struggle if we don’t take care of our voices. Even those of us who went through undergrad as vocal majors often lack the knowledge of...
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55 | Music Education & Character Development with Hendrik Marais

Season #3 Episode #55

On the podcast today we have our first international guest! I am so excited for you to hear this conversation with Hendrik Marais about music education and character development, as well as his experience hosting the...
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54 | Music, Memories, and Neuroscience with Jen Rafferty

Season #3 Episode #54

Music is so much more than notes and rhythms. Music is something that activates parts of our brains in truly unique ways. My first course I took in my master’s program was a music psychology course. I was instantly...
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53 | Learning Centers in the Music Room with Aileen Miracle

Season #3 Episode #53

What if I told you that you could easily implement more student choice in your classroom while at the same time increasing the level of differentiation in your lessons? Today’s episode is all about how learning...
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52 | Recorders: NOT Instruments of Torture

Season #3 Episode #52

I never liked the recorder. Even when I was in school it wasn’t my favorite. But once I discovered how the recorder can be used as another tool of music-making rather than just another unit, I changed my tune (see...
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51 | Ukulele in the Music Classroom with John Hamel

Season #3 Episode #51

This episode is all about ukulele in the music classroom. You’ve probably heard of people using the ukulele in their classroom, but if you’re like me you still don’t quite have the administration support for the...
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50 | How Curriculum Mapping Changed My Teaching

Season #3 Episode #50

My lessons were a bit of a jumbled mess my first year of teaching. I’ll be the first one to say that I spent the majority of my first year just trying to survive. But once I started mapping out my curriculum,...
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49 | Five Ways to Teach a Song

Season #3 Episode #49

There are so many ways to teach a song, so how do we choose the best ways? In this episode I share five ways to teach a song so you aren’t just using the same methods day in and day out. Links and Resources: Grab...
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48 | Preventing Teacher Burnout with James Robinson, II

Season #3 Episode #48

What can we do to combat teacher burnout? That's what I chatted with James Robinson, II about on this week's episode of That Music Podcast. Unfortunately, burnout is a very real problem within the teaching profession...
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47 | Seamless Transitions in the Music Classroom

Season #3 Episode #47

Transitions can make or break a lesson. By thinking through the ways in which our students (and us as the teachers) move from one activity to the next, we are able to help make our lessons more streamlined and...
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46 | What I Wish I Knew Before Teaching

Season #2 Episode #46

There are SOOOO many things I wish I knew before I walked into my music classroom. In this week’s episode I share a few of the things I truly think would have been a game-changer had I known before I started teaching...
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45 | This Episode is all About YOU

Season #2 Episode #45

This week I’m stepping back and thanking YOU for all of the hard work you have done this past school year. Links and Resources: Grab your FREE copy of the Elementary Music Newbie Guide
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