That Music Podcast

That Music Podcast

Hosted by: Bryson Tarbet, M.M.Ed.

This show will deliver tips and tricks for elementary music teachers looking to create high-quality musical experiences for students in the general music classroom. This show will provide answers to questions...


33 | Where do we go from here?

Season #2 Episode #33

This week we’re gonna keep it real. This year has been so hard. In this week’s episode I reflect on my last couple of months teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. My music room has been silent for 83 days. During...
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32 | Becoming a Children's Book Author with Vicky Weber

Season #2 Episode #32

In this episode I chat with Vicky Weber about her journey as a music educator and a children’s book author. Vicky Weber is a musician and an elementary educator with a love for children's literature. While she has...
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31 | Books in the Music Classroom with Meghan Kennedy

Season #2 Episode #31

In this episode I chat with Meghan Kennedy about using picture books in the music classroom. Meghan Kennedy is in her fourth year of teaching elementary school music. She has taught elementary general music (K-5) and...
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30 | Culturally Responsive Teaching with Darlene Machacon

Season #2 Episode #30

In this episode I share my conversation with Darlene Machacon about how we can be sure we are respecting the identities of our students by allowing our curriculum to allow all students to feel seen and accepted in our...
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29 | General Music Jumpstart: A Student's Perspective

Season #2 Episode #29

This week’s podcast comes from an Instagram live I did with a General Music Mastermind alumnae. Kate took the course when we did our beta launch over the summer and is going to be taking it again with us this time...
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28 | Advocating for Music Education with Rainy Barton

Season #2 Episode #28

In this episode I share my conversation with Rainy Barton about how we can advocate for music education and our programs. Especially now during the time of COVID-19, it is important for us to make sure we are...
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26 | Adaptive Music with Stephanie Powell

Season #2 Episode #26

In this episode I share my conversation with Stephanie Powell about adaptive music education, and how she (accidentally) began teaching adaptive music lessons. Stephanie Powell is a wife, mother of 4, special needs...
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25 | Music Therapy & Music Education with Lauren Marcinkowski, MT-BC M.Ed.

Season #2 Episode #25

In this episode I share my conversation with Lauren Marcinkowski about the intersections between music education and music therapy. Lauren Marcinkowski is a PA, K-12 certified music teacher and board-certified music...
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24 | Season Two is HERE!

Season #2 Episode #24

In this episode I share what I’ve been up to over the past months. While I didn’t anticipate for the podcast’s hiatus to last this long, life had other plans. Like many of us, COVID-19 completely changed what my job...
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Season Two Trailer

Season #2

That Music Podcast is back. Season two launches on January 6th, 2021 with three brand new episodes! Make sure you are subscribed so you won't miss a new episode every Wednesday!
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