110 | Using The Power Of Story For Transition

Season #5

Get ready to dive into another exciting episode of That Music Podcast. This week, we're delving into the magic of using storytelling to enhance transitions in your music lessons. 

Stories have a unique power to captivate, engage, and cement memories, making them a fantastic tool for educators. Whether you're teaching kindergarteners or sixth graders, Bryson's got the strategies to make your lessons come alive through storytelling. He shares practical insights and tips to seamlessly weave stories into your teaching, keeping your students engaged and your classroom management a breeze.

If you haven't already, check out Episode 47 for Bryson's insights on seamless transitions!

Episode Chapters:

  • 1:25 Why Story Is Important
  • 2:45 How To Apply Story To Your Transitions
  • 8:40 Takeaways 

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